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Diabetes Supply
Assure Blood Glucose Monitoring System
  • Data Management System
  • Biosensor Technology
  • Large touch-screen display
  • 180 test memory capability

Assure Test Strips(50's)


Assure Control Solution

Haemolance Lancets
  • Single use, disposable device used to obtain a capillary drop of blood.
  • Automatically retract after use so that the patient never sees the lancet
  • Available in both 21 and 25 gauge formats.

Haemolance Low Flow 150's(case)


Haemolance Low Flow 50's(box)

Select Lite Lancing Device
  • Small, spring-loded pen device that is compatible with most standard lancets.
  • Adjustable tip has five settings to choose from for maximum comfort.

Select Lite Lancing Device

Techlite Lancent
  • Easy to grip lancets feature a smooth, tri-bevel point with controlied depth penetration.
  • Campatible with most standard lancing devices.
  • Available in both 21 and 25 gauge formats.

Techlite 100's (25 gauge)


Techlite 200's (25 gauge)

DiaScrean Reagent Strips for Urinalysis
  • Forteen different configurations of reagent strips for urinalysis
  • Available for quick and convenient screening for abnormal body functions

DiaScreen 10